We work in the buying and commissioning of collector coins, gold, gold coin and coinage. GialloOro offers consulting and support services for investments in this sector by providing a customised and accredited investment / investment plan according to the customer's personal needs. For more information please contact one of our team directly at our Piazza Pier Vettori outlet.

Below are some examples of gold or investment gold coins, such as Krugerrand, Italian Marengo, British Pound, American Dollar, Austrian Duchy, various international Marenghi (such as French gallet) etc. You can buy all of these coin types at our stores.

Gold coins and lingotins, as well as being ideal for investment, also make splendid gifts for any occasion.

Why collect gold coins?

Since antiquity, gold has been a monetary reserve for governments, rulers, traders and private individuals: its value is known and accepted around the world, it is easily transportable and non-perishable, and in the most critical moments such as during wars or big economic crises its value has always increased. In times of prosperity it maintains its value and like some currencies, it has never been blocked, rejected or devalued.

Since February 2000, with the introduction of Law no. 7/2000 the monopoly on gold was abolished; It is therefore now possible for private investors to buy, exempt from VAT, investment coins and gold bullion.

Gold coins

The first coins were made in silver, but as soon as gold quantities were sufficient for monetary production, gold coins became the most precious choice next to silver and bronze.
The relationship between gold, silver and bronze over the centuries has seen many variations over the centuries. In monetary use to remedy the problem of the softness of gold, in order to obtain greater resistance and hardness, gold was combined with other metals to form alloys using palladium, silver, copper, etc. This is why gold coins may appear different in colour to what we know as traditional gold.
The majority of modern gold coins, with a few exceptions, are made up of high gold alloys: 900 milliseconds (like the Italian, French, Swiss, Belgian marengo, etc ...) 917 thousandths (like the pound sterling, Arabia, Peruvian Pound, etc ...) to 986,000ths (the Austrian ducats).
For the last twenty years, many countries have produced pure gold coins in 999.99 thousandths.

italian MARENGO's

(£ .20.) Gr. 6.45

Marengo Italiano

english stirling

g. 7.98

Sterlina Inglese

austrian ducats

g. 3.49

Ducato Austriaco

international marengos

French Galletto (Fr.20) gr. 6.45

Marengo Int.

south african rand

g. 33,95



g. 13,96

Quattro Ducati


Swiss (Fr.20) gr. 6.45

Marengo Int.


g. 33,43

Venti Dollari U.S.A.


10 gr


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