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GialloOro srl was born from the experience and passion of its founders for jewellery, watchmaking and numismatics: a hobby that has become our work. With 10 years experience and professionalism in the industry we now also operate in the gold and precious stone trade, offering clients the opportunity to diversify their investments outside the standard sectors. This is thanks to the licensing of Gold Operator - registered and present in the list of operators at the Bank of Italy with operating code no. 5003488. This requirement allows us to trade professionally in industrial gold investment under Law 7/2000.

At our jewellery outlets you can find a wide range of high jewellery products , and thanks to our dedicated repair and production workshop, you can have your jewellery tailor made according to your wishes. We work with gold jewellery, diamonds and other gemstones, repair watches, replace watch batteries, and buy branded watches. In addition to our regular Jewellery and Goldsmith work, we also specialise in the purchase of gold and silver - both used and antique. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, jewellery and the buying of antique timepieces, and we offer the best market price on used gold and silver.

Our experience in the gold trading industry means we can offer customers competitive prices on their gold, reliability and a guarantee of quality work. 

GialloOro allows customers to transform their jewellery, watches and precious items into cash, which is paid immediately.

We are based in Florence with two outlets easily accessible both by car and public transport.


"All the world's gold could sit in a cube that would fit between the feet of the Eiffel Tower."

This gives a visual representation of all the gold extracted by man in 6,000 years of history. In fact, if you could combine every gram of gold on earth (including ingots, coins, and all the jewellery, watches and jewellery), we would have more than 90,000 tons, that is, a massive 17 ct. that could easily fit between the feet of the Eiffel Tower.

Interestingly, the amount of gold in the world yet to be extracted is, according to estimates, only 41,000 tons.

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